Hello, Anteater is a group of creative internet professionals and friends, and this is our place to show off what we've been working on together. We're not a company - we're more like a garage band. We have a variety of other ways to pay the rent, but we just have to get together in our free time and rock out (or make cool things on the internet).

Daniel Hengeveld
Daniel is a software engineer who likes to use Python, Ruby, and Javascript to solve technical problems, and rye whiskey to solve social problems. He spends the rest of his time making music and reading the entire Internet.

Claire Armstrong
Claire is a user experience designer with a background in graphic design, information architecture, user interface design, and front-end development. She likes metal, video games, and burritos. She also heartily welcomes our new Anteater overlords.

Jason Carlin
A fighter from birth, it's more than likely that Jason has, at some point, punched you in the face. Between epic battles, Jason designs interactive products for himself, The Anteater, and The Google.

Cris Dobbins
Crissy "Crisdemeanor" Dobbins is a photographer, designer, Roller Derby girl, and worshipper of the occult. Her hobbies include rock n' roll bowling, long walks on the beach, bird loathing, and having asinine bios written about without her knowing.

~ fin ~
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